Instructions for completion of the BALT-HELLIN Delivery Contract


Dear customer,


You would like to receive goods from BALT-HELLIN on a long term basis and you have already spoken to a salesperson from BALT-HELLIN about drawing up a long term delivery contract? If so, you can find important information about the delivery contract and how to enter into it on this page.


Drawing up a delivery contract simplifies ordering for you enormously and helps us to speed up ordering and delivery. This is especially pertinent if you are able to use the "Hellin Direkt" online ordering system after completing a contract. In order to use the "Hellin Direkt" online ordering system, you need a delivery contract and also a supplementary agreement which can be discussed at any time with a member of the Balt-Hellin sales team.

By completing a delivery contract, you are able to make use of our many years of business experience. The delivery contract ensures that all of the important points relating to the sale and delivery of goods are agreed in a fair and measured way in order to avoid misunderstandings as early as possible and so everything runs smoothly. A line of credit is also integrated in the delivery contract which you can use upon completion of the contract.


The delivery contract consists of the following three elements. Each element can be opened and printed separately from this page by clicking on it:


  1. The Delivery Contract:

This is where a few basic contractual components and the line of credit are agreed upon. This contract must be signed by both you and us on either paper or by digital signature on an email.

Delivery Contract for printing / saving and filling out::

  1. The Data Sheet:

This is where you fill out the data about your company that we need. If you change this data at a later date, please complete a new data sheet or inform BALT-HELLIN about the changes. Your paper or digital signature is sufficient for this.

Datasheet for printing / saving and filling out:

  1. Terms and Conditions of Sale Delivery and Payment of BALT-HELLIN AS:

In these terms and conditions, all details about contractual components are detailed. These arrangements in particular are based upon our 20 years of experience in business transactions and are also an integral part of our pricing calculation. Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully prior to signing the contract. There is no need to sign the Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions


It is important to know that all three elements of the delivery contract combined form the contract package and by signing the contract, they will all become active. If you have any questions, please contact the BALT-HELIN team. We are happy to help.