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Photo gallery



House Fair 23.-25.08.2016 
Gingerbread houses' building on December 19, 2015

House Fair 03.-05.02.2015

Building of gingerbread houses 20.12.2014

Big autumn demo 23.-25.09.2014

Big spring demo 18.-20.02.2014

Building of gingerbread houses 21.12.2013

Little Autumn demo days 08.-10.10.2013 in Rakvere, Viljandi, and Paide

Demo 03.-05.09.2013 Tartu, Tallinn , Riga

Balt-Hellin 20 (24.08.2013)

Wolf Butterback seminar 02.-04.03.2010  

Lubeca seminar 09.-11.02.2010.

House exhibition on 5th September 2008. Photos by Christian-Ivar Hammerbeck and Tõnu Kripson.

Concert of thanks on 4th September 2008. Photos by Christian-Ivar Hammerbeck.

Hellin is building.

Teeme Ära 2008 clean-up campaign.

Demo by Barry Callebaut’s consultant Marcin Paździor on 13 November
2007 in Tartu.

Our sales representants are permanently taking part in seminars. The last
one took place on February 12th 2007.

Lubeca seminar in the end of February and beginning of March, 2007

For customers, we have interesting events also. In January, we had workshops.

Good-bye-party. Daniel Wagner, our practicing employee, is leaving. January 2007

XII Bakers' summer games in August 2005

Balt-Hellin history

by HansaNet