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You can read more about Estonia here:


Informations about the flight connections to Estonia, Tallinn Airport and Latvia, Riga airport, from Estonian Air, Air Baltic, and Lufthansa are available by clicking the links. The information about the accommodation possibilities in Estonia and Latvia is also available by clicking the links.

When you visit us as a tourist, you may find the following information helpful:

Use Map24 in order to get information about streets and routes. The travel agency Kaleva Travel can certainly help you, if you would like to see the most beautiful places in the country.

Please be informed about the weather before the visit in order to prevent unpleasant surprises:  

The weather in Estonia:

The weather in Latvia:

German-Baltic chamber of commerce cares for business contacts, please read more here:


The legal assistance you can find here.

The German culture is promoted by the German culture Institute.

German Embassy in Tallinn

German Embassy in Riga

Statistics about Estonia are available here and about Latvia here.

Balt-Hellin AS is located in Tartu, the second biggest city in Estonia. Read more here:


The capital of Estonia is Tallinn, with the medieval name Rewal. More information is available here:


Riga is the capital of Latvia. Riga lies in the middle of the Balticum and has several advantages for this reason. Would you like to know more about Riga? Here you are.