Welcome to AS BALT-HELLIN!
As a handling company, AS BALT-HELLIN offers to the bakeries, confectioneries, caterings and industrial producers the permanently available products they need in their work from Western Europe and international companies. Renowned and accepted international partners are supporting us not only by delivering matters but also at working out and development of the products.
We don’t let our customer go hang: we help them to optimize their products. At our bakery there are permanently advisors, usually bakers or „the chefs“, ready to take care for new ideas and good results at our bakery or right at customer.
We certainly deal with selling, because that is what we live from; our other services the customers don’t have pay for. If you order today, equally from the sales representative, by phone, mail or fax, or in our internet-order-system HELLIN-DIRECT – then you will receive the gods ordered as a rule in the next work day. Promise is promise. Try us.

„Not possible = not by us“, is our motto.