“Schaffen und Streben ist Gottes Gebot –

Arbeit heißt Leben – Stillstand der Tod.”


(“Creation and endeavour are God’s bidding –

work is life, inaction is death.”)

This saying of my forefathers hung on the wall of my family’s company in Lütjenburg. Every day I read those words; they worked their way into my head, until they became the very principle on which I operated.

My great-grandfather Otto Schütt was born in Qualitz in Mecklenburg in 1870, the fourth child of farmer Joachim Schütt. After a childhood and youth lived in simple conditions in which much had to be forgone, he took up a position as an apprentice to baker master Albrecht in Brüel (Mecklenburg) in 1887. The years he spent in Mecklenburg and Schleswig-Holstein turned him into a true professional. In Groß-Grönau near Lübeck, where he studied his craft, he met and fell in love with a shop girl, Anna Scharrenberg. They married in 1894 and were gifted with four children. In the same year they bought their own bakery on Bahnhofstraße in Grevesmühlen for 700 gold marks. Thanks to hard work, superior skill and single-minded economising, they managed to build it up over the ensuing years into the best bakery in the area. Colleagues in Grevesmühlen elected my great-grandfather to lead the local bakers’ association due to his wonderful character, professionalism and ability to make a go of things. The First World War brought his endeavours to a sudden halt. Two of the sons who were meant to ensure the continuation of their father’s line died serving their fatherland. My grandfather Willi, Otto’s third son, had meanwhile been studying in Schwerin (Mecklenburg) with the Weinrebes and had himself become a master confectioner. To guarantee the future of the family business he now had to become a proper baker. In 1925 my grandfather married Gertrud Bahrens, a guesthouse keeper’s daughter, who was from Hamburg, near Grevesmühlen. My father was born in 1926. My grandfather, who joined the army in 1939, died in battle in 1943. From 1940 to 1943 my father too studied the art of baking in Lübz (Mecklenburg). Due to the political situation, our business in Grevesmühlen was turned into a cooperative and later closed down.

My father was an enthusiastic jugendführer and was forced to leave his house one night in 1946; he found a new home with my grandfather’s sister in Lütjenburg (Holstein). The work he found in Lütjenburg and surrounding areas gave him the skills he needed to take his master’s examination in 1948 in Arnsberg (Westfalen). References from colleagues and professional schools enabled him to take up a place at a vocational academy in Solingen (Westfalen). After this he had the opportunity to open a small bakery in Lütjenburg. With his wife-to-be Erna, née Liebenow, he turned the bakery into a business renowned throughout Lütjenburg. They were married in 1955, and I, Otto Schütt, was born in 1959. The number of honorary positions my father held in social and professional circles and in professional schools in the Plön area (Holstein) are testament to his approach to life. The death of my mother in 1975 was an enormous blow to all attempts to develop further, but my father was very lucky to find a great supporter and companion in his second wife Käthe, née Brandt.

After studying to be a baker under master Willi Wäger in Mönkeberg (Schleswig-Holstein), passing my master’s examination and studying to be a vocational teacher at Hamburg University, a position was made available to me via the Grain Processing Institute as a consultant for Estonia. It soon became clear that positive development in the field of catering and the baking industry would only be possible if modern technology and raw ingredients were adopted by companies.

Continuing my family’s traditions, I founded Balt-Hellin in Tartu in 1993. Over the next few years it developed from just a bakery and confectionery supply business into the leading food service company in the Baltic States. It was never Balt-Hellin’s goal simply to provide clients with first class products, but also to help them out with recipes, ideas and personal dedication.

Since 2003 my wife Agnes has been of great assistance to me in taking our family company even further. She is responsible for ensuring that people remain at the core of Balt-Hellin’s business.

However, my wife and I would be able to achieve nothing if it were not for our dedicated staff, to each of whom we owe a share of our success, be they in our warehouse, sales department or office. They all do their utmost to make Balt-Hellin a reliable partner to our clients. I would like to thank them all for their hard work.

I would also like to thank our clients and partners for their understanding when it comes to the little mishaps that form part of everyday business life.

Thanks to the traditions we share and have experienced together, we will be better able to overcome future problems. 


History of the company
The company BALT-HELLIN was grounded in 1993 by a master baker Otto Schütt and it was registered on 11.09.1996 in the commercial register of Tartu under the number 10124134 as a corporation. Since several years, the founder of the company is the only shareholder.
Otto Schütt who represents fourth generation of bakers from a small family in Germany, wanted to offer the\"\" \"\"bakeries, confectioneries and catering enterprises, and food industries in Baltic states services and products he has learned to appreci- ate during his journeys and apprenticeship years in Western Europe. By now, we also supply many inns, hotels, canteen kitchens and ferrys.

Since 2002, the company is located at Ravila 51a, Tartu

As a trading company, AS BALT-HELLIN constantly offers raw materials from Western Europe and other international companies to the bakeries, confectioneries, catering enterprises and industrial producers. Well known and recognized international partners are not only supplying us with their goods but also are helping us with products development.

\"\"Various breads

We don’t leave our customer alone: we help them to optimize their products. At our own bakery there are consultants, bakers and chef, who are constantly busy trying out new ideas and taking care of best results either at our house or at the clients.

We certainly deal with sales because that is what we live from; our other services to our customers are free of charge. If you order today, either from a sales representative, over phone, e-mail, or fax, or through our internet-order-system HELLIN-DIRECT, you will receive the goods ordered in the next delivery day. Promise is promise. Try us.



 Our warehouse


   Balt-Hellin 2013

   Balt-Hellin 2013




   The loading platform of Balt-Hellin AS

   Trucks to carry out our Froster-Products
 „Not possible = not by us“, is the motto.