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22.01.2021 Thank you
16.01.2018 Death announce of Otto Schütt Sen
27.02.2017 Pictures of House Fair 21.-23.02.2017
22.09.2016 Reminding our House Fair 23. -25.08.2016
04.01.2016 Balt-Hellin wishes all friends a New year full of happiness and success!
24.12.2015 Merry Christmas!
22.12.2015 Gingerbread houses' building on December 19, 2015
05.03.2015 Fair pictures 03.-05.02.2015
04.11.2014 Pictures of the great autumn demo 23.-25.09.2014
14.03.2014 Big spring demo 18.-20.02.2014
07.01.2014 Building of gingerbread houses on December 21th 2013
30.10.2013 Pictures from Little Autumn demo days 08.-10.10.2013 in Rakvere, Viljandi, and Paide
20.10.2013 Pictures from Autumn demo 03.-05.09.2013
13.10.2013 Photographs from Balt-Hellin jubilee party on August 24th, 2013
24.09.2013 Barry Callebaut: It's amazing what we can do with cocoa... Innovation, health and sustainability
26.08.2011 Successful Foodfair Riga 2011
23.12.2008 Merry Christmas!
31.10.2008 Sale of items required for work before and during the holiday period
28.08.2008 Hellin is building
28.08.2008 Concert of thanks
29.05.2008 Masters from Barry Callebaut to visit Balt-Hellin
03.05.2008 Balt-Hellin to take part in TEEME ÄRA 2008 clean-up campaign
02.04.2008 Demand for organic bread on the rise in Germany
24.12.2007 Merry Christmas!
10.12.2007 Sale of items required for work during the holiday period
19.11.2007 Demarle’s new product catalogue
09.03.2007 Easter special offer 2007 12.-23.03.2007
19.02.2007 Marcipan presentation 27.02 and 01.03
14.02.2007 Special offer to Women's Day
25.01.2007 Mini kaiser buns
17.01.2007 Events in Bakery
24.12.2006 Merry Christmas!
06.12.2006 Delivery in the turn of the year
22.08.2006 Christmas Market
22.08.2006 New convenience product
19.08.2006 New products - desserts


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