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Balt-Hellin to take part in TEEME ÄRA 2008 clean-up campaign


Balt-Hellin will be making its own contribution to the well-being of Estonia’s
natural environment by taking part in the campaign!

TEEME ÄRA 2008 is a ‘clean up Estonia’ day being organised throughout the
country as a civic initiative on 3 May. Balt-Hellin will be putting together a
team to lend a hand in the campaign and is inviting its clients to take part.

We’ve all seen the awful piles of rubbish littering the forests we walk through,
forcing us to look the other way and quicken our pace. When you go on a
picnic with your friends or family, you generally have to look around for a long
time before you find a spot where someone before you hasn’t just dumped
their rubbish.

Turning a blind eye to it all has led to a situation where the amount of
rubbish just keeps on growing and where finding a decent spot is getting
harder and harder. 

The clean-up day is on 3 May. Free concerts will be given for all 
TEEME ÄRA 2008 volunteers on 4 May in three cities around the country –
Clean Estonia parties.

40,000 volunteers are needed for 10,000 tonnes of rubbish to be collected
and sent to the dump on 3 May. You can find out more about 
TEEME ÄRA 2008 on the official website

by HansaNet